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What Makes Us Different
We don't believe in fad diets or intense workouts. Instead, we believe in a human-centric approach filled with ongoing support and simple lifestyle adjustments.
Personal Coach Support
Your coach will be there every step of the way to help you stay on track. Making sure you're motivated, and putting you back on track when you're about to go off.
Fits Into Yours Lifestyle
We've crafted a method that's easy to follow and maintain throughout a lifetime, seriously.
We believe that when rushing things, they tend not to work out, and that real change happens over time. We apply this priciple to how we work with our customers.
What Our Customers Say
Highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight and persevere
I have been in the program for almost a year and lost 28 pounds thanks to the professional assistance. I feel great, the clothes fit much better and I generally feel better. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight and persevere
Honestly Blown Away
I'm honestly blown away by the level of responsiveness and care the wizyu team provides.
One of the Best Things I've Done in My Life
Working with Elad has been one of the best things I've done in my life. Together we lost over 30 pounds and got in the best shape of my life. Through all this I also created a friend for life!
Meet Our Coaches
Hi, I'm Ryan, a certified Wizyu nutrition coach. I'm so happy you're here! I love helping people meet their goals in a way that's sustainable and truly built to last. I can't wait to meet you!
What's up, I'm Lisa! I take wellness to the next level by helping you to adjust your current lifestyle, without sacrificing what you love. After all, we're all here to do what we love, and feel our best.
Hey there, I'm Michael. As a lover of food, I know that crazy fad diets aren't going to last very long. Instead, let's swap out the bad for the good, while still living our best, snack-filled life.
How it Works
Have an intro call to meet your coach and learn about WIZYU
Download the WIZYU app, and start reporting your meals and physical activity to your coach using the app. We've made reporting as easy as possible.
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Have a follow-up call with your coach, who will introduce the WIZYU program to you, fine-tuned based on your observation week.
Record your daily intake and workouts and connect with your coach in the Wizyu App.
Frequent Questions
Are WIZYU coaches real humans?
Yes, WIZYU coaches are real humans, we do not automate any personal communication to clients. So, no bots or any "fake coaches".
Does WIZYU provide 24/7 support?
It really depends on your WIZYU plan, premium users get 24/7 support. While the personal plan provides 8am-9pm Eastern Time, and Weekly plan provides weekly feedbacks, but it doesn't mean you'll not get support outside these hours.
Do WIZYU coaches respond instantly?
We try to respond within 5-10 minutes to any message you send, within your plan's SLA.
Does WIZYU use a mobile app?
Yes, our customers need to use our mobile app to communicate with their coaches.
What foods are allowed?
All foods are allowed. We do not restrict a food group or macronutrient of any kind. We work with you to make sure you don't feel deprived or unsatisfied while still achieving your goals.
Does WIZYU include workouts?
in terms of physical activity, WIZYU includes the ingridient required to improving body composition and overall health. So, if for example, you love swimming, then we will encourage you to swim regularly. If you like going to the gym, then we will design for you a workout program that fits your needs. We adapt to the most sustainable approach for you personally.
What if I eat too much?
Your WIZYU coach will let you know when and if you go over your calorie budget, but you will probably be informed even beforehand that you might be exceeding your limit. This rarely happen because of the very close and frequent communication between the customer and his or her coach
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Get support 24/7
$335 billed monthly
  • Personal coach
  • Observation week
  • Post observation call
  • Monthly workout plan
  • Continous feedback - 24/7
  • Lane assist
    Your coach and our team will make sure you're on track, reporting your meals, working out and weighing in
Medium support
$120 billed monthly
  • Personal coach
  • Observation week
  • Post observation call
  • Monthly workout plan
  • Daily calorie summary
  • Weekly feedback